I say this with total conviction because no one could possibly be so fucking stupid as to continuously create blunders from which no other candidate could possibly survive. So if he's not that fucking stupid, what could possibly compel a non-stupid person to act this way? There's only one answer: he doesn't really want to be President. I think that he entered the race for the publicity that he knew he would garner. He soon realized that the more outrageous his public utterances were, the more media attention he would get. He was right about that. He insulted every ethnic group, every competing Republican candidate, every media outlet. And the media outlets ate it up like it was candy. The primary debates gave him a huge platform for his displays of bad behavior. Then, when his Republican competitors started dropping like flies, it simply fueled the narcissistic fires within his loins to conjur up even more racist, xenophobic, homophobic, megalomaniacal (is that even possible?) behavior. Now, add a goodly portion of illegal immigrants raping our daughters, non-whites taking jobs God had obviously intended for whites to have, ISIS terrorists crossing our borders in droves, Muslims invading our country; say all this and you've pretty much secured the vote of every angry, white, racist moron in the country.

This all played well with Trump during the primaries. He was having a great time flying all over the country in his airplane, ostentatiously used as a stage prop at most of his campaign stops. I guess that at some point, Trump simply decided to see how far he could take his unacceptable behavior before it destroyed his campaign and allowing him to finally, mercifully, go back to being the way things were before all this happened. But no matter what he did, no matter what he said, it never seemed to be enough to derail his bid for the White House. "How could this be?", he wondered. "How obnoxious do I have to be before people realize that I don't want the job? Never did. I know better than anyone that I am completely unqualified in every possible way to be President?" With Donald in charge of the country, there would always be present an incalculable danger to the nation and the people of the world at large. Not that this would be a moral issue for Trump. But it does present Donald with a unique problem. In his mind, if he's elected, it's because he's obviously smarter than anyone else. But then, there would be his fear of not knowing what to do once in office. That would be in direct conflict with his insatiable desire to be at the very pinnacle of the world stage as, dare I say it, the President of The United States. For Donald, this must be a tough one. On the one hand, it would certainly feed his ego. On the other hand, someone might tweet something negative about him, triggering his erratic behavior and he ends up destroying the world. Well let's see....He could always blame the Muslims. That wouldn't bring back human civilization as we know it but at least by blaming someone else, his ego would remain intact.

Fortunately, The general election campaign is much different than the primaries. Many more people start to pay attention. The media begins to scrutinize a candidate's every nuance. What could have been smoothed over with words, lies, ambiguity, is now a thing of the past, accountability being the new order of the day, something Trump seemed immune to up until now. So Donald, what are you going to do? The press will dissect your every word, action, lie and tantrum. My guess: as the polls turn more and more against The Donald, he will look for a way out, after all, his narcissism could never handle the handle of "loser". That's for losers. Right? So we'll begin to hear from him about the election being rigged and he can't get a fair shot. Or the debates are rigged and he won't participate in such a debacle. Or the Washington insiders have it in for him. He'll bail long before that happens, even though he will have single-handedly destroyed the Republican party for at least the next generation. Now I'm no fan of the Republican party but I do believe in the 2 party (or more) system. It keeps contenders less dishonest. (I can't in good conscience say it "keeps them honest"). Whatever disparaging things people can say about Hillary Clinton, she is smart, experienced and I believe she is a decent person whose goal is to do the best job she can for the good of the country. I don't believe she has any other agenda. However flawed she might be, and who desiring to be President isn't to some extent, it's not even a contest when comparing her to Trump.

Thank you Donald Trump. Thanks to you, these last several months have been the best entertainment in the history of television. Never has there been a reality show that comes close to what you have created in terms of drama, comedy and intrigue. Thanks to you, there is a real shot at the Democrats taking back Congress, (certainly the Senate), which will finally allow business to be conducted the way it should have been these last 8 years before the Republicans obstructed everything good that the Dems wanted to pass. That means we'll have a single payer healthcare system, or at least a public option. Thank you Donald for making it a near certainty that the Supreme Court will be left-leaning once again, which means voter rights will be restored, the right to abortion will never be challenged again and Citizens United will be a thing of the past. The minimum wage will be increased. Social Security benefits will be increased. Our decaying infrastructure will be upgraded. Student debt will be decreased substantially. Community college tuition will be free. Marijuana will no longer be illegal. And all because of you Donald. You and your enormous ego. Thank you.



Donald Trump Never Really Wanted to Be President